Children's Personalized CDs & DVDs




Soothing collection of original and Classic Lullabies, featuring the child’s name in the music 38 times in 5 of the 8 songs.  The use of the child’s name is planned so once asleep the music will not awaken the child. 
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Newborn & Up






An exciting, fun-filled collection of the classic nursery rhymes, enhanced with upbeat music and special effects. These happy, comical renditions feature the child's name 36 times, and will have them, and yourself,singing, laughing and dancing along. We now have the DVD version - view sample here:

Up to 5 years





A collection of 8 original, upbeat songs of a day in the life of a child.  Songs feature games, doing chores and a bedtime lullaby.  This cd uses the child’s name 10 to 12 times in each song for a total of 98 times. 

Ages 2-5 years 





 A collection of 10 children’s Christian songs and verses, featuring the child’s name 28 times in 7 of the 10 songs.  The structure and storyline of this collection were carefully crafted to reinforce that . . . GOD LOVES THEM PERSONALLY.  This cd makes an ideal keepsake for Baptism, First Communion and other Christian celebrations.

Newborn to 10 years





A wonderful Christmas story and carols telling about the birth of Jesus.  A professional narrator speaks to your child using their name 24 times. Your child will love to sing along with 11 of the most famous traditional Christmas carols. This cd makes a memorable gift.

Ages 2-12 years





Introducing "Fun Time Bible Stories" . . . an album of 11 classic bible songs and parables, presented in a captivating story, personalized using the child's name 55 times. The magnificent performances of these fun-filled songs and parables are sure to provide the child with many days of such fun, it’ll be a favorite thing.
Ages 3 and up





Introducing "You Can Do Anything" . . . an album of 8 original upbeat, exciting and fun songs personalized using the child's name an amazing 106 times. Stressing the importance of imagination and determination, the child can do anything, and dreams can come true.

Ages 4 - 7





A collection of 8 upbeat pop songs, using the child’s name 79 times, produced for the enjoyment of youths age 6 and above.
An upbeat, energetic, positive and motivational album that instills values to young children. "You’re A Winner" includes a unique blend of sounds and rhythms recorded by 7 professional Nashville singers and 6 studio musicians.

Age 6 and Up